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Big tech data abuse capped off Silicon Valley's decade-long fall

Dec 29, 2019 by William Lewis.

Donna Lu says that with the end of record fines and increasingly public images of tech companies' use of personal data, the year 2019 began to sue against its tech companies, Record fines on the use of personal data from tech companies have been abolished, and their public image is rapidly eroding, this is the year when the world begins to compete with its tech companies. In early 2019, the French National Commission on Informatics and Liberty fined Google 50 million for the lack of proper consent and transparency around personal advertising. In October, Facebook agreed to pay the UK Information Commissioner's Office a fine of £ 500,000 over the Cambridge Analytica scandal's failure to protect users' personal information. Although the firm did not acknowledge the mistake of misusing the data, it is the largest fine that can be issued. Amazon, Apple and Facebook have all been criticized for revelations that staff and contractors have listened to audio recordings of people talking to virtual assistants Alexa and Surrey and recorded voice chats on Facebook Messenger. This problem extends to children too. Tuck Talk, the popular video-sharing app for people under 25, was fined $ 5.7 million by the US Federal Trade Commission for collecting personal data from children under the age of 13. they People have started to care more and more about data privacy, but there is still a sense of helplessness," says Aaron Roth of the University of Maryland. "Most people are just forced to say that they are powerful," says Stephanie Har, author of the forthcoming book Technology Ethics. "In a way, they are, because there aren't many alternatives to increasing privacy." Although there are some options for those who care about data privacy, such as search engine Dick Dogo, who does not personalize their search results by profiling their users, there is a real lack of competition. "We're seeing a large number of cartels working primarily," says Hare. The European Commissioner for Mr, Margaret Westerner has taken distrustful measures to regularize the tech industry. In 2020, US Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has indicated she intends to break the tech giant. In the UK, despite eight parliamentary inquiries and four reviews on Internet regulation, there has been little work in the way of legislation to date. Tech companies are unlikely to capitalize. Instead of forcing us to stop collecting our data, Hare says they will sometimes pay a fine.   Read More: Netflix Upcoming Seasons 2020 Release Dates