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6 Ways To Find Out The Best Pico Projector

Jan 22, 2020 by William Lewis.

What is a Pico projector?

A Pico projector is nothing but a modest version of the projector that can be used on smart and clean surfaces like smartphones or screens or curtains, or even walls, from smartphones, cameras, tablets, notebooks and memory cards. Can be used to present content. Pico projectors also are known as pocket projectors or mobile projectors, and they can also be used to display some shape in different formats. The only 1 thing they have in common is they are compact in size, and their design is so good that they can be placed anywhere like a presentation or even for media purposes. Ways to find the best Pico projector:


If you want good image quality, then compare the resolution (the number of pixels in the projector display chips) provided by the projector that you use the most. This means that the projector has to show the VGA image Pico offers more choice in projector resolution and tops out the VGA image (640 - 480), which is perfect for video and basic presentation that doesn't have much text or in any slide. A good description is not provided. No Pico desi offers a widescreen and is relatively limited in resolution and scales it up to local resolution.


For many projectors, flashing is not the right choice, but you have to take the Pico projector as an exception. According to experts, the classification brightness starts at about l 10 lumens, and using the rule of thumb, this brightness is enough to represent a standard image that is closer to 24 inches diagonal in a dark room. Can be seen

On the contrary, it should not be taken seriously

The ratio between the brightest and the darkest area of ​​a projector is known as the ratio. But this is just one factor that determines the image quality created by the image. So knowledge of the opposite cannot tell you many things about a projector that you own. Given the low brightness level for the Pico projector, the contrast ratio is much lower than that of ordinary people.

Plan to contact

Most Pico projectors provide SVGA connectors for computers and a comprehensive connector for video signals. Very few people have a comprehensive connector for displaying video. Package projectors are available that can connect you to the iPod, allowing you to display accessories from iPod devices. For the most part common sense, make sure you connect the projector ports to your computer's ports or any other video equipment that you plan to connect to.   Read More: Read the best welder reviews 2020  

What technology do you want?

Pico projectors use DLP technology, which can be prone to rainbow effects, in areas where the screen shines more lightly for those who move their eyes or if one moves the screen. This can be a frustrating moment for who are already experiencing this problem. However, you can check out the effect yourself, or you can check out PC's comments for comments on the rainbow effect. Other technologies available in the Pico projector are LCOS and laser. These two technologies cannot be created plus or minus, so there is no good reason to focus on the technology used by this projector.

Is the audio required?

Audio does not exist in Pico projectors or is virtually useless for some devices. If you are thinking of using sound for presentation or video, you can use high quality and loud sound to meet your needs. Alternatively, you can use a separate sound system for this.