The Best Android Tablets for Children

Many parents are worried about the impact of technology on their children. They worry about the negative effects of technology on their children, but they cannot avoid the fact that children cannot be separated from technology. After all, technology can be very helpful for children to learn. Parents only need to properly control and monitor the use of technology by children. Of course, parents also have to choose the best technical support that is suitable for children, including Android tablets. There are a few options for Android tablets that may be great for kids.


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

back Parents generally have a lot of trouble when they give technology products to their children because they cannot use it properly and carefully. It can be a waste to buy high technology products with expensive costs if they are easily broken due to the use of children. However, parents will not have this kind of problem when they choose the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite. This is a low-cost option offered by Samsung. It comes with nine-hour battery life, as well as a central camera with 2MP resolution. More data is capable of holding with microSD card support. It comes with a 1,024 x 600 pixels resolution screen display with access to the Google Play Store with seven inches in size and 1GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Some parents are looking for an Android tablet that comes with a lower price but some other parents are looking for an Android tablet that comes with the best price. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is the best option that parents can choose for a 7-inch tablet with the Android operating system. It’s new and of course, Samsung is the more expensive option of the Galaxy Tab by Samsung. This can still be a great pill option for children. It comes with a 1,280 x 800 pixels resolution, which is better than the previous model. It is also supported with 1.5GB RAM as well as a front-facing camera. With a front-facing camera, kids can make video calls via Skype, which can be important for many parents. Compared to the Galaxy Tab 3, Galaxy Tab 4 is more tree and slightly lighter. It comes with multi-user support for up to eight family members. It comes with separate logins for access to individual apps, emails, and so on. It also comes with a dedicated kids mode.

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