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How to use your fuel card and benefits of using a fuel card?

Feb 13, 2020 by William Lewis.

There are many more benefits of using a fuel card and it's like a silver bullet that works well for both truck fleet owners and other business ventures, where fuel consumption is off the charts. In the next article, our experts have discussed everything you need to know about trucking fuel cards and what are the benefits of using them.

About using fuel cards

If you own a Class 7/8 commercial truck fleet and you operate your business as an over-the-road company, you need to buy a large amount of diesel. Fuel cards are for trucks as they benefit from different sizes of carriers from one vehicle to the entire fleet. Has been prepared. Fuel cards are available to contract carriers, private fleets, and even independent owners and operators.

How to calculate fuel savings?

Fuel discounts are usually on a gallon basis and a contract is struck between the merchant and the fuel card company. The two savings models are "retail minus" and "cost over." For the first option, retail minus is exactly what the name suggests, which means a fraction of the cost is cut from the base price. This savings is paid to the fuel cardholder. The 2nd option is a bit more complicated, and the OPIS or Oil Pricing Information Service determines basic pricing and increases the cost of tax and transportation costs.

There are many benefits of using a fuel card

The main benefit of having a fuel card is money savings. However, there are several other benefits. These are listed as follows:

Cap at your expense

Fuel cards offer a different weekly line of credit and bonuses that drivers can use to pay for road costs. This is the ultimate alternative to cash or unlimited use credit cards that you need to hand over to your fleet drivers. It also monitors the costs on each fuel card, while reducing the likelihood and limits of fraud.   ReadMore:  Water Softening Equipments & Their Functions

Fuel Cards for Better Fleet Management

There are fuel cards associated with online accounts that contain a detailed report and real-time information about the transaction. These reports are beneficial if retailers are leveraged to collect data on driver costs, offering some great deals to retailers. That way you are running your fleet very well and effectively.

Fuel cards for better communication

Fuel prices fluctuate on a regular basis so it is important that you have a fuel card to regularly update retail prices and discounts on the network. Fuel cards can also be checked using mobile apps, which means you can keep tabs on a situation around the clock using your smartphone. Even with the maximum amount of fuel you can plan the shortest and most fuel-efficient routes.

Different miscellaneous savings

With fuel cards, this is not just about diesel, but also the repair and maintenance of tires, vehicle documentation and other modest expenses, including driver meals and accommodation. There are many benefits to getting a fuel card for your fleet today! Find the perfect fuel card for your fleet right now as a carrier.