Behind The Scenes Photos Reveal More Deleted Scenes

Dark Phoenix is ​​shaping up to be even bigger when it comes to someone’s anticipation when it was reviewed last weekend, and when it usually spells doom for a franchise, we know. That Marvel Studios is plotting an X-Men reboot at some point. Over the next five years

Regardless, it’s no secret that Dark Phoenix had its fair share of troubles behind the scenes, and newly released photos by photographer Philip Kiss revealed even more moments that failed to materialize. ۔

There are also some great BTS photos and maps that update characters like Wook (Jessica Chastain), Cyclops (Ty Sheridan), and even Janosha (well, Simon Kinberg’s campus site version). Offer a look. Regardless of whether you love or hate Fox’s last X-Men movie, they are worth a look and are surprisingly revealing.

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