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3 Things to Know About Wifi vs Non-Wifi Baby Monitors

Jan 13, 2020 by William Lewis.

Suppose you want to buy the best baby monitor products today, you may feel confused to choose the best one because it comes with so many options. Based on the network, baby monitor actually has two options, they are wifi baby monitor and non-wifi baby monitor. Which one do you prefer? You may have no idea whether you have to choose wifi baby monitor or non-wifi baby monitor because you have never used one of these tools. Speaking of wifi vs non-wifi baby monitor, you probably need to compare these two types of baby monitors so you know which one is the best. Somehow, you may check these following things to know about wifi vs non-wifi baby monitors.


First of all, we can see the security aspect if wifi baby monitor is safer than the non-wifi one. Theoretically, the non-wifi baby monitor can be safer in terms of security because it is not connected to any networks, it cannot be hacked. Basically, it does not use a static frequency channel to transmit the data. Meanwhile, the wifi baby monitor uses wifi network and it is connected to the internet, so it is possible to get hacked. If you care about the security, the non-wifi baby monitor is the best choice, but if you want to see your baby anywhere, then you can choose a wifi baby monitor.


A non-wifi baby monitor does not use an internet network, so it is basically localized. In this case, you can only use it within a limited distance. You cannot monitor your baby from a far distant. Meanwhile, the wifi baby monitor uses an internet network, so you can use it to monitor your baby even if you are overseas as long as you are connected to the internet. Read More: 5 Ways to Keep Your Children Safe in the Car


When you use a non-wifi baby monitor, you can only connect it using peer to peer mode. In this case, the baby monitor camera system is connected directed to monitor, so there is no time delay or latency. Meanwhile, a wifi baby monitor has to be connected to a router despite it also uses peer to peer which also shows time delay about 1 or 2 seconds. But, it is actually not a big deal because everything is just recorded. In summary, Wifi and Non-Wifi monitors are the best tools just in case you want to monitor your baby in a distant area. The wifi baby monitor can be the best choice if you want wider coverage, but it is a bit expensive to afford. Meanwhile, the non-wifi baby monitor is good for safety despite it cannot be used for a far distance. So, which one do you prefer? It is all your decision to pick the best baby monitor. Nowadays, many parents prefer wifi baby monitor because it is more flexible and sophisticated. It also comes with a lot of features and you can also monitor your baby through your mobile device in real-time.