Puzzle solved as Shiffrin sweeps to Bansko downhill

American Michaela Schaffner solidified her place in the World Cup overall by showing off all-round skiing ability with a victory at Friday’s downhill in Bansko.

Schaffner, a technologist who specializes in fast-paced events, plunged into the perfect, cool but sunny conditions of the Bulgarian resort on a 4.9 km long course. It was the lowest win of his career so far

Hitting at speeds of 109 km / h (68 mph), the US rarely spoke on the race track with ease, describing the experience as a puzzle. The poor I started struggled with.

“I’m really excited about how I did the Sky,” Schaffner said. “I didn’t expect it today.

“This hill is very challenging, it is a technical hill, which is the most technical track of the speed circuit … it may seem more appropriate to me than other ordinary speed tracks.

“There’s a lot of adrenaline out there, and you have to be really mentally strong to move on and aggressively.”

Schaffner added: “I find it interesting to learn a new track, it’s like a puzzle.

“It was a pleasure to put everything together today and to run really strong. I did a really good job and skied well.”

He was 65th in the World Cup circuit for the 24-year-old, a two-time Olympic gold medalist and the current three-time reigning overall World Cup champion, now behind retired countryman Lindsey Wan in several races. ۔ General Chat Chat Lounge

The victory was the first success of the shuffle at Bansco after its first discipline victory in Lake Louise in December 2017. It was also the fifth victory of the season after winning slalom at Levi’s, Klington and Lyons where he also won a strong slam.

Italian Federica Burgonne took second in 1: 29.97, 0.18 seconds at Shuffner’s pace, Swiss youngster Helen claimed third position, then won the hundredth in the second.

In technical competitions, Shafferin’s rival, Petra Vlahova, was at risk from the opening 32, Slovak leading the interim until it made a mistake in the bottom half, eventually in the sixth, 1.03 seconds, or 27 meters – Reached far away American

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