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Asus Zenfone Selfie For Selfie Lovers

Jan 14, 2020 by William Lewis.

The need for a smartphone nowadays is not only for dealing with the need for communication but also more about making everything much simpler. That is including if we love to do something, for example, we love taking a selfie photo, then we can find a gadget as a similar smartphone which can accommodate us and give simplicity to do that. It will be such a good idea for getting a quality front camera which will be great to enjoy for selfie photo time. Sure, nowadays a lot of people love taking a selfie pic. That is the reason why many manufacturers of smartphone take this chance to offer products to give simplicity to people on taking selfie pic. That is including Asus, which also offers its new smartphone product named Zenfone Selfie. From its name, of course, people already know that it offers the notable feature on its front camera which is commonly used for a selfie.

Great Front Camera

Asus-ZenFone-SelfieMany smartphones only use about 5MP camera for the front camera, but for Zenfone Selfie, it has a better camera and also size. It has a camera which is the same as the rear or primary camera. It uses a 13-MP camera. That is the same as the rear one. By a significant improvement of the front camera, users who are selfie lovers will get the better quality selfie photo result which can be enjoyed.   Read More: Extraordinary Body Material from Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Besides the great resolution of the front camera, there are also some other features there which make selfie time to be much more enjoyable. That is including the feature of LED flash which enables the users to take a pic using the front camera even with the low light. The result will also be much better then. In addition, users can also find the feature of wide-angle from their front camera. It means the users can easily take a photo with many people in the same frame. Also, the front camera of Zenfone Selfie is completed with the technology that is called as Pixel-Master. That can give a great yet better photo quality. It is said that the result of the photo is a bit brighter compared to the result of the photo from iPhone 6S Plus. Also, users will find the features of Beautification Mode, which makes someone look much more beautiful.

Overall Features

For the specification of Zenfone Selfie, this smartphone uses the Snapdragon 615 processor with 3GB RAM. The screen of this smartphone is also quite great, which is 5.5 inches that are protected with Gorilla Glass-4. For the internal storage, there are two options which can be chosen. They are 32GB and also 16GB. That is quite great for saving a lot of selfie photos. Also, users can also add memory card up to 126GB.