The Art Of The Film (book)

Details of The Art Of The Film book was released online today at, a retailer that specializes in comic book and sci-fi related merchandise. One now can only imagine the HR Giger, Arthur Max, Neville Page, and Carlos Huante goodies within.
prometheus news - prometheus art of the film bookThe site offers this at a pre-order price of £ 19.99 and it’s expected at their warehouse in the UK on June 10th, 2012. View their product listing here. has this book title cataloged as having a release date in the US on June 6th with 2 versions available: hardback in slipcase for $75 or hardback with dustjacket for $34.99, the latter being the same version offered in the UK site above. Amazon has yet to post this product on their online store. (UPDATE:

If you can do away with the slipcase, your best bet then would probably be which offers the less fancy version for only $20. You can view their product listing here.

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