More Rumour about Apple Mini iPhone

If you’re a fan of the iPhone and always want to know more about their upcoming product, it’s a good idea to follow this post correctly. The reason is that there will be good news that is very interesting to know. Site-based information that often provides instant information about Apple products before they are officially launched or released. Now, it’s about reports that Apple is in the process of making mini-mobile phones. Of course, this looks as interesting as it is said that the Apple Mini iPhone will be released next year. In fact, rumours have been talked about for a long time and are now being debated, but now this information comes from a trusted site that offers such a great deal of information about the mini iPhone that will be released next year. The key to this mini iPhone is about its small or mini size, which is smaller than the previous iPhone, especially the iPhone 6.

Possible specs and features

The mini-iPhone is said to have a smaller screen. It will be accompanied by a 4-inch screen display. The official name of this mini iPhone has not been released yet. However, many people often refer to the mini iPhone as the mini iPhone 6 or iPhone 6C. It does not matter, this mini iPhone is said to have a great feature and technology. It uses the E-8 chipset just like Apple iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6. It is also said that this iPhone mini will also come complete with a better FaceTime HD camera. For contacts, there will be Bluetooth version 4.2 and Wi-Fi version 802.11ac. This mini iPhone can be a big thing for Apple lovers who want a smaller sized iPhone that is easier to handle and simpler for its mobile users.




In addition to dealing with specs and features, design often becomes something that people want to know. However, apart from its screen size, which is smaller or about 4 inches smaller, we still have no further design information. This includes materials that will be used, whether they use plastic material like the iPhone 5C or even metal. However, no matter what, it becomes one of the Apple iPhone products that many people are already looking forward to. The mini Apple iPhone is said to be released in mid-2016 …

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