Annabella Sciorra says, ‘Harvey Winston brutally rapes me’

Renowned American actor Annabella Sciorra, in a lawsuit against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, alleged that the producer Raped her in her house 25 years ago.

British broadcaster BBC reports that Annabella Sciorra accused Harvey Weinstein in front of the court saying he had forcibly entered her flat while she also attacked the actress.

According to the actor, ‘I was trying to distance myself from Harvey, so I kicked them and kicked them to do so’.


Annabella Sciorra says, 'Harvey Winston brutally rapes me' 1

The New York court case is very important to Harvey Weinstein

Recalling the unfortunate incident that happened to her, the actress said, “I met a Hollywood producer from 1993 to 1994; we used to meet and have dinner together. One night Harvey Weinstein gave me a lift to my flat. Which I accepted ‘.

He added, “As soon as I entered my house, I realized that there was someone at the door, Harvey Weinstein standing in front of the door who pushed me, forced me into the room, and later I was taken. Sexual harassment. ‘

According to Annabella Sciorra, she kept trying to save herself in the meantime, but Harvey Weinstein Raped her.

The actress alleged that “I tried my best to save myself. But I was weak enough to be Harvey Weinstein, holding both my hands.”

Annabella Sciorra said in her statement that she was scared to the point that her whole body was shaking and she was in a lot of trouble.

Annabella Sciorra says, 'Harvey Winston brutally rapes me' 2

Harvey Weinstein was charged for the first time in October 2017 by women

The actress also claimed that she was reunited with her producer a few days after the day she was Raped, and then Harvey Weinstein said that the secret would only exist between me and her.

According to Annabella Sciorra, Harvey Weinstein has been sexually harassing her since the incident, even during the Bronze Festival in 1997, Harvey Weinstein tried to enter her room at the hotel, but she was so scared that he did not leave the room. ۔

On the other hand, 67-year-old Harvey Weinstein found the allegations baseless.

During the hearing, the prosecutor asked the actress why she did not tell the police at the time that the actress said she was terrified.

According to the actress, “I knew Harvey Weinstein. At that time, I didn’t know if anyone should rape. He should talk openly. I just thought being silent was the only solution.”

Annabella Sciorra said the incident shocked her to such an extent that she became addicted to alcohol and even started to harm herself.

Annabella Sciorra says, 'Harvey Winston brutally rapes me' 3

Actress Annabella Sciorra also filed a statement against Harvey Weinstein in court

It is understood that a New York court hearing against Harvey Weinstein has begun hearing from January 6, 2020, two women’s main rape cases and if convicted on both charges, they could face up to 28 years in prison and a fine.

He was accused of trying to have sex with a woman in 2006 while raping a woman in a New York hotel in 2013.

However, Harvey Weinstein’s team dismissed the two allegations, saying the producer did not coerce women into having sex with them.

After Harvey Weinstein’s refusal to admit the crime, the New York court also decided to make him an independent jury under the law.

Harvey Weinstein has been accused of rape, sexual exploitation, and sexual harassment by at least 100 women and actresses while dozens of women have filed civil cases against them.

Annabella Sciorra says, 'Harvey Winston brutally rapes me' 4

Leading actresses are also among the women accused of Harvey Weinstein

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