Definition of Prometheus

James was furious with the theft of Prometheus’ fire and punished the Titan after taking him to the East, perhaps to the Caucasus. Here Prometheus was tied to a rock (or pillar) and Zeus sent the eagle to eat Titan’s liver. What’s worse is that the liver regenerates every night, and the eagle returns to harassing Prometheus every day. Fortunately for the man’s helper, but only after many years did Hercules kill the eagle with one of his arrows while he was passing by during his celebrated labour. In the work and day of Hesiod, we are told that Zeus punished the man for receiving fire, instructing Hephaestos to create the first woman, Pandora, from the dust, and that through it all the negative aspects of life, the human race. , Disease, war will be affected. And death – and completely separate humanity from God.

Prometheus Relief
Prometheus Relief
By Carol Radado (CC BY-SA)
Prometheus was worshipped in Athens, especially by potters (who certainly needed fire in their own kilns), and the annual torch race was held in honour of God. Prometheus first appeared in Greek art from Stata in the elephant spelling in the seventh century BC and on C on Greek pots. 600 BC, is generally being punished. The myth of Prometheus and its horrific conviction by Zeus was the subject of the harassing poet Ascilas’ Prometheus Bound.


Crime of Prometheus
Expressing regret over the frail and lonely state of man, Prometheus raided the workshops of Hephaestos and Athena in Mt. The fire of Olympus and theft, and by hiding it in a hollow fence, gave man valuable gifts that would help him in his life’s struggles. Titan also taught humans how to use their gifts, and so did the skill of metalwork. He was also associated with science and culture.

The Prophet raided the workshops of Hephaestus and Athens. Olympus and theft fire; then they give valuable gifts for refusing.
In a slightly different version of the story, humanity was already on fire, and when the Prometheus tried to persuade Zeus to eat bones and fat instead of the best meat while eating at Mt. Olympus, Zeus, angry, took fire so that the man could eat his meat raw. After this, Prometheus stole the fire as an alternate version. This also explains why, in animal sacrifices, the Greeks always dedicated bones and fat to the gods and ate the meat themselves.

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