Aldi’s make-up looks high-end, but does it stack up?

With prices starting from £4.49, can the supermarket beauty offering perform as well as its luxe alternatives? Elle Turner investigates.

They say you can’t get wine for the price of water, but Aldi is committed to trying. Having set its sights on high-end beauty brands, the supermarket is trying to give its customers a luxe look, both in terms of packaging and product, for less than a tenner. The latest in its range of own-brand Lacura make-up features a coral-coloured blusher in matte-black packaging, a clear primer for setting make-up in place and a 12-shade eyeshadow palette – all packaged to resemble expensive brands. The question is: is the product inside similarly convincing? I gave it a go.


This feels quite slippery when first applied. However, because it’s oil-free, it dries into a pleasant, velvety texture and gives your foundation a smooth base to grip to. This did help to keep my foundation in place for longer and, for £5.99, it’s a very reasonable price for a primer. Best for those who like a matte finish.

Lacura Snapshot Ready Foundation Primer, £5.99


This blusher is quite shimmery, which makes it feel slightly more high-street than high-end. That said, it has a really pretty coral colour and gives cheeks a healthy glow. Plus, it’s Leaping Bunny-certified, meaning cruelty-free.

Lacura Blush, £4.49


Because of its cool undertone, this gives a natural-looking bronze without looking too orange. The pigment is quite subtle, so you needn’t worry about overdoing it, and can build it up as much or as little as you’d like. It doesn’t feel quite as silky as you’d expect with a high-end bronzer, but for a high-street iteration it does give a very convincing, natural glow. The main drawback is that it’s not available in more shades, as the single colour will only work on light-to-medium skin tones. Like the blusher, this is Leaping Bunny-certified.

Lacura Aloha Bronzer, £5.99


This was a mixed bag. The matte shades – particularly the lighter ones – are quite disappointing in terms of colour pay-off and chalky texture, which is tricky to blend without looking patchy. That said, the shimmery shades are very pigmented, fairly silky and, with a little bit of blending, can give a subtle sweep of colour for daytime or a full-on dramatic smoky eye, depending on which shade you choose. Speaking of which, the shades are well thought out and all very wearable, with 12 colours in bronzes, browns and neutrals to choose from. Plus, it comes complete with a big mirror and an impressively soft dual-ended brush (which comes in very handy for on-the-go).

Lacura Naturals Intense Eyeshadow Palette, £5.99, available in store

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