Actress Mollie Fitzgerald confesses to killing her mother

New York: Actress Mollie Fitzgerald confesses to killing her mother in Hollywood movie Captain America

According to a US media report, the actress killed her mother in Kansas City last month with a knife-wielding knife and then reported it to the police helpline herself.

The actress admitted in court on Wednesday that she killed her mother with knives because her mother was coming to kill him with a knife in her hand. The deceased’s post-mortem report found no evidence that the actress had killed her in defence.

The police arrested the actress in light of the investigation into the murder case and registered her case and then brought her to court where she confessed to her crime. The court ruled the 38-year-old actress should be sent to a psychiatric centre and given her mental treatment. The judge remarked that this is a second-degree murder trial that will begin after treatment.

The investigating officer told the court that the victim was 68 years old. When the police arrived that day, the body was also found with a knife. According to police officials, the accused said that while she was sitting in her room, the mother carried a knife and killed her. Come closer to the institution on which the actress stopped them by showing them a pistol and then pushed and fell to the ground, then later stripped the knife and fired several times.

In a confessional statement submitted to the court, he said that he had to suffer injuries while defending himself. If I had left my mother, she would have killed me as soon as she got the chance. Cut off


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