9 Types of Applications for New Laptops and Computers

If you have purchased a new computer or laptop, you should know that you have the proper installation on your computer or laptop to prevent the next problem or virus. There are some essential software and applications that you can install early to avoid viruses or sudden need. Here are the details.

1. Antivirus is really important for daily use.

This is because a virus can be brought in everywhere, and if there is no wall in our PC, the virus will break our system. You can use Microsoft Security Essentials for a free and legal antivirus from Microsoft on your computer.

2. Maintenance system.

Maintenance system is needed to clean and clear the checking system on a laptop or computer. This can be done every day or every week, even every time a laptop or computer is not in good shape. You can use Cleaner or advanced system care for the care system.

3. Flash Player and Java.

Usually, Flash Player and Java are used when you want to browse and surf the Internet. Its also can used to open the video (streaming) with Flash format.

4. Browser.

A browser is a system used to open an Internet browser and surf the Internet. Make sure you have Internet connectivity on your computer or laptop. An example of a browser you can download is Google Chrome.

5. Universal archer or extractor.

This is an important program that requires opening and extracting data that is already compressed in the form of RAR, Zip, S, 7Z, TAR and more.

6. Image Editor.

Image Editor is a program that can be tailored to the user’s needs. However, it’s best to have this application on your computer or laptop as you can be creative and create your image. Therefore, you do not need to pay for the image editor service when you need to edit the image.

7. Video player or codec.

Our lives cannot be separated from the need to watch a video or movie. Even in everyday life, we are always watching television to meet our needs while watching the video. For this reason, if you are not adding a * new codec to your computer or laptop, this will be difficult for you. Therefore, it is best if you always update your codec permanently.

8 Office –

This program can be used for office work or school work. Many people like to use Microsoft Office because it is easy to use and legal.

9. PDF Reader To open a document with PDF format,

you need PDF reader software on your laptop or computer. There are many types of PDF readers. As a suggestion, you can use the free version


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