7 meditation apps that will take your stress from a ten to zen

There are many different kinds of meditation. However, it doesn’t matter which type you choose—meditation is right for you any way you do it. It’s best known for reducing stress, but it can also help you sleep better, relieve some chronic pain, keep your energy up throughout the day, and improve your focus at work. Meditation is like giving your brain a much-needed nap.

We rounded up some meditation apps to get you started.


Headspace is an excellent place to start for beginners, but there are also tons of features for the meditation guru. Their basic package is free and will help you through 10-minute meditation routines and track your progress. Once you start craving meditation, there are other packages that you can choose for a more tailored experience, like if you want something for before bedtime or to get yours through high anxiety moments.


This one costs $2.99 for the Android version and $4.99 for the iPhone, but it’s worth it. You can choose guided meditation tracks that last just a few minutes if you need to calm down quickly after rush hour, or for half of an hour, if you want to chill out at home. You can track your progress and tell the app exactly what you’re doing in real-time, so you get the kind of meditation you need.


The Calm app will help you meditate or fall asleep using their free or paid tracks, depending on how serious you want to get. If you don’t want to use their Daily Calm track or feel like you don’t need a voice to walk you through it, you can also choose the Timed Meditation track and quiet your Mind your way.

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is a free app that introduces you to meditation with free exercises. Even cooler? There are specific sessions for people of all ages, as young as seven years old. Whether you have a kid at home and want them to take a time out now and again (or join you in some quiet awareness) or teach at a school and want to introduce a meditation practice, this is your new best friend. Studies show that when meditation replaces punishment like detentions, children of all ages respond better.




Aura is a top-rated app in both the Apple and Android app stores for a reason. The free app lets you choose from 3-minute meditation sessions, so you can stop and get cool AF whenever you want, and you won’t even be late for your next meeting (and if you are, you’ll be blissfully mindful and aware of it).

Stop, Breathe, and Think

Whether you want to relax or just be kinder to yourself and others, Stop, Breathe & Think has meditation sessions to help you get there. You just have to check-in and tell the app how you’re doing, stop and do some breathing exercises, track your progress and moods—so you can start to be mindful of how and when you feel whatever you feel—and get back to life feeling refreshed.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer not only has free guided and timed meditation sessions, but there are also discussion groups where you can talk to other people, share your experiences, and maybe get some meditation tips. Did we mention it’s free?

Once you find an app you love and dedicate some time to mindfulness every day, you’ll start noticing the difference. Life doesn’t get more comfortable, and you’ll likely still lose your patience and get frustrated, but you might be able to get through it just a little calmer.


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