57% World’s Population is Offline; Does Internet Really Matter Nowadays

The above numbers can hurt us so much. This comes as a surprise to us because we think that with more use of the Internet and widespread access to the Internet, people can easily go online. Nowadays the Internet can be better or at least look like the surface. If you reach this page and read this article, you will be greeted; you are in the middle of a movement called the wave of modern technology. But by looking at the facts and titles mentioned above, we can begin to think about the facts associated with this development. The disadvantages and benefits of humans are manifested by their own mistakes. Have we reflected?

4 basic facts

Nowadays in connection with the development of the Internet, 4 basic facts have been documented, which are astonishing and astonishing to us. First of all, the unexpected thing is that the Internet represents only 5% of the world’s languages. This may be like the fact that some people would agree to use an international language such as English to represent their speech. However, that will not pay attention to the other language. As a result, it will detect another population going offline.


it’s shocking or not, but the fact that most Internet users are complicated. Internet access is considered to be higher for women than for men. That would be a reality because it would be related to the speech that women probably needed. Third, there are about 300 million people with access to modern technology called the Internet.

The fourth fact is probably the worst. It is a fact that more than 85% of the world’s poorest countries live offline. Pointing to this fact, this situation needs to be taken seriously. On the other hand, the Internet generates more creativity when it is treated well. On the contrary, it will not recover if it is damaged. In this case, the development of the Internet nowadays cannot be well spread.

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The choice is always in our hands. Today, the development of the Internet will make us better or not. Even the generation, the Internet will start to realize this. In the meantime, older generations can always be up-to-date and can see if the content of the internet is appropriate. Perhaps, it was better to go offline instead of enjoying effective content that would only make the mind dull or dull. Whether it matters or not, it all depends on the wiser or the worse.

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