5 ways to hit your fitness goals this new year

It’s that time of the year. The time when everyone eats too much but then promises to them that they are ready to batch next year. Are you one of those people? If you want to lose weight this year, here are five tips for hitting your fitness goals in 2020.

Be realistic

It’s easy to think that this year you are shedding 150 pounds of fat, gaining 50 pounds of muscle and tearing up like Chris Hemsworth. We all like it. But having unrealistic goals is why most people leave the middle path.

Fitness changes do not happen overnight, and realistic goals must be set when considering your current state, discipline and lifestyle choices. So, take time out, sit down with a personal trainer if you have to, but set realistic goals for yourself and your body. This will ultimately be beneficial to you and your organisation.

Make it easy for you to exercise

Sometimes it’s hard to know who’s more difficult, pushing yourself to the gym, or getting to the gym. It’s not easy to get up earlly in the morning and go to the gym or work all day, then go to the gym at the end of the day. Trust us; what do you do in this matter if we are there?

The easiest way is to make it easy for you to exercise. What would you choose if you had to drive to the gym in the snow and then work in the heat and work from the comfort of your own home?

To make it possible to work at home, invest in the right equipment. Choose a home gym set, treadmill or a bench that suits your goals. Everyday things.in has a great guide on every trade mall for home use. Read the manual, and pick up a treadmill to work from home while watching TV.

Make a plan

Can you play football without knowing where the touch is online? You can have control throughout the game, but you still can’t score. Same goes with the goals. If you do not know your goals, it is difficult to see whether you are going to them or away from them.

Once you’ve set some realistic goals, the next step is to plan the exercise around the target. Consider your job, your relationships and find the time to work where it is most possible for you. Without a plan, you’ll spend all your free time with unnecessary things, and you won’t even realize it. Once you plan, it will be easier to stay on track and keep up with your workouts.

Be patient

Regrettably, no matter how much you exercise, in a few weeks, you may not break into pieces or become a skin. Your workout is essential, but the proper rest is also essential. You maybe not see the results of your exercise in a few days, but you will see them in a few months.

That is why you need to be patient. It’s tempting to look in the mirror every two days and see no change, but you have to trust the process. Examining the results soon will ensure only one thing is discouragement. Be patient, trust the process, and follow ur plan. The results will surely come.

Stay on the track, even if you don’t see results

If you’re like the majority there, you want to lose weight this year. The most common complaint people make when trying to lose weight is that the scale doesn’t work.

The first thing to know that is measuring weight loss progress is not an accurate measure. If you lose a bunch of fat, but it also boosts muscle mass, your overall weight may stay the same. But, you still become thin and robust. You have to work in the gym for 6 to 8 weeks to see the results in the mirror. That is why, even if you feel you are not making progress, do not despair, and most importantly, stay on the road, keep working, and be patient.

To conclude

Millions of people dream of being thin and fit every year, but only a fraction of the people have achieved their goals. 1 of the most critical factors in deciding unrealistic expectations, impatience, and not understanding the process is where you will end up. Follow the five steps outlined above, and you’ll hit your fitness goals this year.


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