5 Best Places to Visit in Japan During Summer

In Japan, Ammar is filled with an astonishing array of epic festivals and events – but this season also brings in perfect temperatures and humidity levels that make them feel a bit warmer.

This does not mean you should refrain from visiting Japan between June and August, though! You can easily beat the heat by creating amazing mountainous areas of the country and coral reefs.

Not only will these destinations help keep you fresh, but they will also take you away from the famous tourist trail of Japan so you can see an aspect of the country on which few travelers can see (which is a win). !)

From summer island islands to traditional mountain towns, check out our five favorite places to see in Japan this summer.

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People walking across the street with skyscrapers in Tokyo, Japan
Once you have a great view of Tokyo, head over to the mountains and coastal regions of Japan to break the winter heat za Jezel Melgoza / Install

1.   Nikko

High in the hills of Toigo, Nico is completely retreating from the hot summer heat of Tokyo. Surrounded by Nico National Park and adjacent to the famous temples, it is a beautiful sight to explore. Full of infinite natural wonders and sacred shrines.

The Toshio Shrine – one of the country’s most famous and historically significant places – is the main attraction here. Japan’s tourists mostly visit Toshuo throughout the year, so the crowds can be a bit overwhelming. However, after that, you can move to any number of quiet shrines and attractions.

Whether you like kayaking on Lake Chosenzee or hitting one of the park’s fantastic hiking trails, you can also explore the scenic aspect of Nico.

Technically, you can visit Tokyo as a day trip, but there is so much to see and do in this annoying area that you want to spend at least a night or two.

The most important things to do in Nico:

. Discover the grounds of the Tosho Gu Shrine
. Go hiking to Mount Hengitsu
. Walk across the dreaded cone bridge
. Visit Kegan Falls, one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the country
. Taiwanese temple in Nako, Japan
. Find natural wonders and historically essential temples in Nico ap your heparin / Flickr
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2. Hokkaido

If you are feeling a bit warmer, hotter, hotter in places like Osaka or Tokyo, make for the summer sunshine, Japan’s northernmost island – Hokkaido. Unlike Central Japan, Hokkaido’s mild climate is pleasant between June and August.

Sapporo, the island’s largest city, is far behind and incredibly welcoming – and it may be one of the country’s most underwater destinations. The town is famous for its annual snow festival, but it also makes for a beautiful summer destination.

The forest covers more than 70% of Hokkaido, so this is a great place to get in and explore the deserts of nature.

The most important things to do in Hokkaido:

. Spot wildlife in Shiratoku National Park
. Try Miso Ramen, a Sapporo feature
. Discover the historically significant city of Hakodate
a glass of Sapporo beer and a bowl of ramen in Japan
Sapporo is a must-try soup beer and city specials in the city

3. Pillows

With beautiful wooden buildings and a charming old town in the 17th century, Takiyama stands in stark contrast to Japan’s modern remarkable towns.

The strangest, mountain-surrounded town is Sanmachi Suji, a famous area that includes safe business houses, famous breweries, traditional restaurants and cafes.

You quickly spend the whole day wandering the city’s most charming streets, stocking up on souvenirs, and sampling the Matri Dango (rice cough covered in sweet sunglasses).

Takayama can also be used as a base from which to explore some notable places in Central Japan, including Shirakawa Go (a village and UNESCO-listed site with more than 100 traditional terrace houses). ) And the Japan Alps Mountain ranges.

The most important things to do in Takayama:

Take a stroll around the old city’s beautifully preserved city
Visit the Sakurayama Hachimangu Shrine
Visit Haida Folk Village
A street of the Japanese town of Takayama, standing from traditional wooden buildings

4. Okinawa

Japan is synonymous with neon-clad mega-cities and adorned temples. Still, one of the best-kept secrets of this country is Okinawa, a submarine island between Taiwan and the Japanese mainland.

Although the whole province of Okinawa is famed for its scenic landscapes, some of the island’s top ones come to the fore when it comes to fantastic beaches.

Miyako and Yaima are primarily known for having the best beaches in the country. Hailing from the oceans and sugar-white sand, these islands can easily make Southeast Asia’s top tropical hotspots worth their while.

The best part?

This cut of heaven is just a three-hour departure from Tokyo, so it’s anything but difficult to include some sun, sand, and surf to your trip to Japan.

Hint: Okinawa’s warm, sunny weather usually peaks in August and September, but it’s also hurricane season, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to visit.

The most important things to do in Okinawa:

. Go snorkelling or scuba diving
. Hit the beach
 .Try Okiko’s local food
. Aerial view of a white sand beach and forest in Okinawa, Japan
. Head to the famous coast of Okinawa for a summer break | © Rio Yoshitake / Inspiration
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5. Mountain troops

Japan’s major metropolis may accelerate in the summer, but the height of the mounted military trails off moisture levels. The climbing season starts here in early July, so if you’re looking to conquer Japan’s most famous mountain peak, summer is the perfect time to mark this activity off your bucket list.

Although the climb is tough, no technical experience is required to experience mountaineering, and newborns can tackle this track. If you start early, you can scale Mount Fuji in one day, but most people choose to climb no more than two days to avoid fatigue and altitude sickness.

If you don’t want to climb Japan’s highest mountain, head to Hakone – a mountain town about 90 km from Tokyo – for a spectacular view of this famous location from its surface.

Top things to do around Mount Fuji:

. At the foot of the mountain, look at the area with five lakes
. View mounted troops from the lake or cable car in Hakone
. Watch the sunrise from the top of Mount Fuji
. Sunset scene in Japan at the stage of a Monte Fuji and a pagoda


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