5 Android Apps for College Students Enjoy Campus Life

While in college, you may encounter disturbing classes, all-day meetings, and a plethora of assignments that await you. You have at least one smartphone, right? Some popular Android apps for college students can help you relax while on campus. Just use your smartphone wisely, and you’ll have plenty of leisure time.

Advanced Android Apps for College Students

The following are the advanced Android apps for college students, as Engedate suggests. They come with new and improved features and help you with both learning and mental comfort.


This android app is a great companion after you have a boring lecture class. Give your brain a test using this challenging puzzle game. Despite a puzzle, it won’t add extra burden to your mind, because playing the game is good, even within minutes. The happy news is that the game can be played in the long run.

Smart music player

If you like to listen to music, this is a great companion and social, relaxed mood, as well as a tool to help you during a long lecture session. The app has MP3 rotating features, and you can find favourite music online. However, when the Internet connection is in trouble, you can access offline playlists.

Mobile number tracker

This handy Android app comes with some helpful features for college students. For social purposes, the app helps you find phone numbers without using an Internet connection. Apps show the caller area, thus allowing you to identify if this is your friend or someone else on campus. If you’re frequently annoyed with telemarketing calls, this Android app helps you quickly identify and reject them.


As one of the most advanced android apps for college students, their Droid allows you to learn flashcards effectively, thus helping to remember them. With the app, you can study anywhere and anytime. You can use idle times efficiently and positively, for example, when you’re on a bus trip to campus, queuing at a supermarket, or waiting for your lunch at a campus cafe. You can also use the app to add content from a dictionary and view it at any time.

Personal Trainer: Home Exercise

A college student needs to be fit and healthy. You need to stay suitable for mid-term, daily assignments, writing assignments and many other tasks. This app is a personal trainer for you. Although you may need to pay for it, the benefits pay the price. This is one of the most recommended training android apps for college students.

The app provides you with exercise videos, thus allowing you to practice at home with no equipment. You can customize exercise plans based on your body type and weight.

Of course, there are many android apps options for college students. They are included in the five alternative high rankings. However, you may find other apps that suit your personal needs depending on your leisure time, break time, or how you spend the dull lecture session. They do not intend to teach you how to deceive a lecturer. Instead, they plan to give you leisure time while on campus.


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