3 Main Reasons to Stay in A Hostel Near Siam Paragon

When living in Bangkok, you have plenty of choices when it comes to location. You can stay in Hipster Erie, the river chartering, traditional thuggery, downtown Sitorn or Central Sem. Depending on your agenda, available time and budget constraints, each of these stops have a separate appeal. Anywhere that hits all the boxes in terms of amenities, culture and entertainment is the city which located middle of the town. Whether you’re staying at hotel or hostel near Siam Paragon, you’ll be in a high position to check out many of the top destinations at your doorstep. Let’s look at the three reasons you would love to be in this part of the city.

1) Purchase

If you are a fanatic, it would be nice to stay in a hostel near Siam Paragon as it will be the place of your dreams as it is home to one of the city’s largest and best shopping destinations. Each shopper’s Bangkok to-do list lists the top three: Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery. If what you’re looking for can’t be found here, it probably doesn’t exist! Among them, they sell a variety of international designer apparel, everyday fashion, Thai designers, electronics, home appliances, books, toys, sports goods, gift cards and more.

Siam Square can be found across the street. Despite the name, it is not traditionally square. Hundreds of small boutiques, restaurants, cafes, restaurants, record stores, bookstores, and even two retro ‘one-of-a-kind streets and street rabbits filled with’ 70s cinema houses.

And finally, if you still do not shop, an MBK centre can be found in front of BTS National Stadium Station. Spread over eight stories, this mega-mall has more than 2,000 shops, restaurants and service outlets, including a four-story Tokyo department store. If you are after knocking on a Louis Vuitton bag, iPhone or Nike, this is the place to come.

2) Culture

The Bangkok metropolis is not just about shopping. It also offers several great places to learn about Thailand’s history and culture. At the top of your list should be the BACC (Bangkok Art and Culture Center), which is a modern art centre as opposed to the MBK. It’s home to the capital of everything artistic: theatre, film, design, art. In particular, the top two floors of this impressive design-led building feature a rotating exhibition of award-winning local and international art installations.

Just up the road, one can find the world-renowned Jim Thompson House. Formerly an American businessman, Jim Thomson (creator of the famous silk brand of the same name) owned a private house, now an impressive garden, museum, cafe and shop. The pleasant complex is home to many remarkable teak houses and an impressive collection of thoughtfully crafted Asian artefacts. Mostly the tours are almost run. Every thirty minutes

Lastly, you can walk around the corner on Khlong Sen Sip and find the Yellow House, a spacious warehouse in a cool multi-purpose space with an art gallery, cafe, shops and workspace. Has been shielded. The upstairs cafe offers a refreshing drink to sit and zip the canal boats out the window. Is a great place.

3) Convenience

Siam is an important transportation hub. As such, you are staying at a hostel near Siam Paragon makes sense if travelling to Bangkok is on your agenda. First and foremost, Siam Station is an interchange between the city’s two main BTS Sky train lines: Sukhumvit and Sloom. In addition to these two train lines, through your connection to the MRT (subway) at your disposal, you can find more places wherever you need to go to the City of Angels.

For those looking for more adventurous and fast ways to get around the city, we recommend that you go to Huang Chang Pier and hop on a ferry that travels along Khlong Sen Sipe. The canal passes through the town. You can go for less than THB 10 at Golden Mountain (Watts Skate) and Khao San Road.

Only two stops from Foam at the Thai Thai BTS station can be found at the first stop at the Airport Rail Link (ARL). This comfortable train runs every 10-15 minutes between the city and the Sauron Bhumi Airport. It costs only THB 45 and takes about 40 minutes. I am stopping at six local stations along the route.


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