This Week’s Prometheus News Roundup – June 9, 2012

This week marks the most important week for Prometheus as the movie opened in quite a number of markets including the biggest one in the world. With this week’s opening came more Prometheus related news than we ever thought possible. Here are the relevant news stories that popped up this week but weren’t made as an article on PrometheusNews.

  • Group Interviews

Prometheus interviews – Fassbender, Theron, Rapace, Scott, Pearce, Lindelof (VIDEO)
The Cast of Prometheus Talks Anal Probes, The C-Word, and Serial Killers
Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce, and Ridley Scott explore the connections between Prometheus and Alien
Interview: Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender of ‘Prometheus’
FEARnet speaks with Prometheus cast and crew
Prometheus Crew Spills Its Guts About Movie’s Most Shocking Scene
Ridley Scott & Damon Lindelof Interview For Prometheus
Charlize Theron and Guy Pearce discuss Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’
SlashGear meets Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, Guy Pearce and Logan Marshall-Green
Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace Talk PROMETHEUS, the Amazing Practical Sets by Arthur Max, Deleted Scenes and More
Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender praise Ridley Scott
Noomi Rapace And Michael Fassbender On Being Opposite Sides Of The Same Coin In ‘Prometheus’
Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace Interviews (VIDEO)

  • Ridley Scott

Mother of all aliens – ‘Prometheus’ is not a prequel, says Ridley Scott
Does Ridley Scott’s Prometheus Promise New Hope for Sci-Fi? (+ new pic)
Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ keeps fans guessing (+ new pic)
Director Scott revives ‘Alien’ DNA in ‘Prometheus’
Sir Ridley Scott Explains ‘Prometheus,’ Explores Our Past, and Teases Future ‘Alien’ Stories
Q+A: Ridley Scott’s Star Wars
Ridley Scott Explains How ‘Alien: Paradise’ Became ‘Prometheus’, Planning for a ‘Prometheus’ Sequel and More
Sir Ridley Scott On The Intermingling Of Science And Religion In ‘Prometheus’, Its Potential Sequel And ‘Alien: Paradise’ (VIDEO)

  • Charlize Theron

Charlize on fire
Charlize Theron tells STV about going ‘no-holds-barred’ with Prometheus (VIDEO)
Charlize Theron On Unloved Characters And The Epic Sets Of ‘Prometheus’
Charlize Theron is hotter than ever with two movies out (new Prometheus pic + video interview)

  • Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender on Prometheus

  • Noomi Rapace

Joblo interview with Noomi Rapace (audio)
Prometheus Star Noomi Rapace On Ridley Scott, Alien, And Possible Sequels
Noomi Rapace plays archeologist with dragon’s fire in ‘Prometheus
Sigourney Weaver’s successor in ‘Alien’ universe is Noomi Rapace in ‘Prometheus’
Interview: Prometheus Star Noomi Rapace
Noomi Rapace On Injuries, Ridley Scott Heroines And ‘Prometheus’
Noomi Rapace, ‘Prometheus’ Star, On Sigourney Weaver, And Working With Ridley Scott
Being Human With ‘Prometheus’ Star Michael Fassbender
An Exclusive Chat With Noomi Rapace of ‘Prometheus’
‘Prometheus’: Noomi Rapace gutted out a ‘psychological meltdown’

  • Guy Pearce

TODAY speaks to Prometheus stars Charlize Theron & Guy Pearce (Youtube)
An Exclusive Chat With Guy Pearce of ‘Prometheus’
‘Prometheus’ Co-Star Guy Pearce Talks Aliens, ‘Iron Man 3′ Expectations

  • Logan Marshall-Green

TODAY speaks to Prometheus star Logan Marshall-Green (Youtube)
An Exclusive Chat With Logan Marshall-Green of ‘Prometheus’
Interview: Prometheus Star Logan Marshall-Green
NextFactor Q&A: ‘Prometheus’ Star Logan Marshall-Green
Logan Marshall-Green Talks PROMETHEUS, Deleted Scenes, Working for Ridley Scott and More

  • Idris Elba

Interview: ‘Prometheus’ Star Idris Elba
MadameNoire Exclusive with Idris Elba
Idris Elba on Prometheus, Learning to Box, and His Party House

  • Emun Elliott

Emun Elliott interview
Interview: Emun Elliott

  • Damon Lindelof

The Rest Of Prometheus Conversation With Damon Lindelof
Joblo interview with Damon Lindelof (Video)
A Long Prometheus Discussion With Writer Damon Lindelof
Interview: Damon Lindelof of ‘Prometheus’
Damon Lindelof, on How ‘Prometheus’ Ties to ‘Alien,’ Further Sequels and Why He Feels Like a Fraud
Damon Lindelof Talks Star Trek Sequel Secrecy, ‘Going Big’ at SDCC, Script Evolution, Prometheus & more
TIME – Prometheus, an Epic Cinematic Puzzle: TIME Talks to the Screenwriter Behind the Secrets (thanks to Time Inc for this link)
Is Prometheus anti-science? Screenwriter Damon Lindelof responds
Exclusive Prometheus Interview with Damon Lindelof (Playboy)
Prometheus Writer Damon Lindelof talks Engineers, Alien Family Tree & the Sequel’s Opening Scene
Damon Lindelof on Androids, Alien Rape, and His Anxiety Over Prometheus
Prometheus Unbound: Writer Damon Lindelof on the Non-Prequel Alien Prequel
Damon Lindelof discusses ‘Prometheus,’ ‘Alien’ and possible sequels
Fundamental Mysteries: Damon Lindelof on Prometheus

  • Jon Spaihts

PROMETHEUS Writers Talk Alien Origins, Comics & Reboots
Jon Spaihts interview
Another Jon Spaihts interview
Writer Jon Spaihts on Prometheus – Interview

  • Production

Discussing The 3D In Prometheus With Cinematographer Darius Wolski
Prometheus Cinematographer Dariusz Wolski talks 3D, 48fps and Referencing Alien
Prometheus Concept Artist Explains How the Movie Fixes ALIEN
Company 3’s DI artist Stephen Nakamura on Prometheus
Pietro Scalia (Editor): New format, new techniques
Interview: Prometheus Production Designer Arthur Max
“Prometheus”: Designing the future (interview with Arthur Max)
Completist’s Corner – Talking with Arthur Max, Prometheus’ production designer
VFX Supervisor Richard Stammers on Prometheus
UI concept sketches from Prometheus, and a Q&A with their designer
Waldo Mason on Prometheus (about creating alien prosthetics)
Prometheus an epic task for Weta
Weta’s part in making Prometheus
“Behind-the-scenes secrets of the long-awaited follow-up to ‘Alien’” & misc 


A Hollywood Sound Expert Talks Prometheus, Voicing Aliens and the Art of Gunfire
‘Prometheus’ Explores the Nature of Humanity
Aesthetically Working Helmets in PROMETHEUS
New international poster for Prometheus
Prometheus/Noomi Rapace in SFX #223 Summer 2012
Prometheus in Cineplex June 2012 (PDF)
How Prometheus Got Its AtmosphereThe Design of ‘Prometheus’
A flash of reel genius: Program gives Hollywood writers access to scientists
MPC on making of Prometheus
Ridley Scott’S “Prometheus” Uses Red Epic Cameras (another short story)
Ridley Scott movie ‘Prometheus’ rests on some real astronomy
The Science of Prometheus | Discovery News
Prometheus: Asking the Big Questions | Discovery News
Extended version of the clip from Microsoft Press Conference @ E3 2012

  • TV Spots

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