Prometheus Viral Mystery #1 SOLVED

The first part of the Prometheus viral campaign has been solved. But before we get to the answer itself (a new Prometheus promo image at the bottom), we will go over some details leading up to the answer.

Included in the Weyland Industries website update on March 5th was an inconspicuous animated GIF found on the About section of the site. It was layered on top of the Earth image, specifically at the location circled here in red:

The actual 1×1 GIF is this or at

GIF magnified 30x

A forum member named Guestuser17 at Unfiction arrived at “EDIR6EQUJ5″ where the detail of his methods are described below:

Subsequently other members were quick to isolate the 6EQUJ5 portion, which points to The WOW! signal!_signal

It didn’t take long afterwards to arrive to this new Prometheus image which was first found on the Weyland Industries website with the URL

High-res version:

What we have is another picture of “The Orrery”, as described by the lead Prometheus scriptwriter.

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