Unconfirmed Prometheus 2 Development Details

The people behind the website called NexusNews claim to have insider information on the development of the Prometheus sequel. This information is unconfirmed and thus it should be taken with a BIG grain of salt especially at this stage of the game. Here’s their report on the matter:

According to our insider information: Prometheus 2 is under works, and it planned for a 2014/2015 release. The filming will start shortly this year. Currently they are at the Planning stage, where they lay out the entire plan on how to film the movie in the proper order and how to achieve some of the special effects described in both the scripts (currently in progress) and the concept arts. Later this year there would be production videos showing the progress that they made thus far, and how they didn’t waste any time.

Their ideas are very solid, and answer several questions that were asked in the first movie. Although several questions will answered throughout Prometheus 2, the story would be based on two main plot lines that were left off from the last movie. The first and most important is where will Dr. Shaw and David go, and what will they find there. It has been speculated that Elder Engineers that were cut from the last movie will play a huge role in the sequel. They were probably cut from the main movie for the same reason. Because it was thought that perhaps they need to be reworked, and represented in a whole different way.

But if there’s anything worth taking from their report is their inclusion of a scan from the July 2012 issue of American Cinematographer. The scan (below) shows 9 Engineers by the waterfall from a deleted scene. People part of the production have been posting their personal photos online– only a few days ago we had our first look at the “Elder Engineer” and more behind the scenes photos. And so we know the photo below is legit as it also shows the same character.

Source: http://thenexusnews.com/prometheus-2-in-development/852676/
Thanks to seeasea for the link!

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