Prometheus Soundtrack Track Listings **SPOILERS**

The track listings for the Prometheus Original Motion Picture Soundtrack were made viewable on Amazon earlier today, and it contains quite a few spoiler-filled depictions of events and their possible order in the movie. The listings may also reveal the official name of a creature that appears in a recent trailer. Highlight the black bars below with your mouse cursor to view the track listings.

1. A Planet
2. Going In
3. Engineers
4. Life*
5. Weyland
6. Discovery
7. Not Human
8. Too Close
9. Try Harder
10. David
11. Hammerpede
12. We were right
13. Earth
14. Infected
15. Hyper Sleep
16. Small Beginnings
17. Hello Mommy
18. Friend From The Past
19. Dazed
20. Space Jockey
21. Collision
22. Debris
23. Planting the Seed
24. Invitation
25. Birth

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