Thousands of new behind the scenes photos reveal extended sequences

This Russian site has collected hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of behind the scenes images, revealing extended scenes from the film:

These include images from the unseen full hangar bay fight with the second monster, umbilical cord chewing, meeting in Weyland’s Ringworld, Mars excavation, character card bios, all Ridley Gram storyboards, about 30 HR Giger’s new monster sketches, general goofing around on set, the original escape-from-LV223 Deacon ending, and possible designs for Paradise. Specifically in the nine photo albums at the top. All gigantic resolution.

Be forewarned, the galleries on are staggeringly lengthy and may take you hours to fully go through. Posted below are a SMALL sample of the endless chasm that awaits, should you attempt the monumental endeavor.

Good Luck