Jon Spaihts Discusses Alien Prequel Script

Empire Magazine got a hold of Jon Spaihts and talked to him about what went on in the process of making his Alien Prequel script and the script itself for what eventually became Prometheus.

From the article, we learn that Spaihts had five different drafts of his script and that Ridley and he were toying with many variations of the xenomorph; some ideas found only in the the early drafts and others that made it to the final film such as the Fifield monster which had a creature design that strongly resembled the human that got infected– Fifield himself.

And one of the cooler tidbits we learn from one of Spaihts’ drafts is the way Holloway gets infected and dies. Deep down, I would probably have preferred that version if it were somehow shot as an alternate. Nevertheless, read the full Empire article linked below to learn Holloway’s fate and much more!

Thanks to PrometheusForum user Corporal_Hicks for the news.