Sigourney Weaver On Prometheus

Indiewire spoke with Sigourney Weaver at the Marrakech Film Festival.

She had this to say regarding Ridley and Prometheus,

“How does she feel about Ridley Scott revisiting the Alien universe without Ripley, for prequel “Prometheus“? “Ridley and I talked about the idea of ‘Prometheus’ and I always thought that was the only story to tell…So I think it’s great that Ridley is doing it,” she said. “I will be as excited as anyone to see how he recreates this creature, re-energizes the Alien. I’m very proud of our four movies and I wish him all the best with it.”

And on Charlize Theron,

Well, you know [the iconic nature of Ripley] happened over four movies so let’s give [Theron] a break. I’m sure they’re not trying to create a blonde Ripley or anything. She’s a wonderful actress, she’ll want to do her own thing with it and not be in the shadow of the other one,” she says. Indeed, Theron is playing the CEO of Weyland-Yutani, the shady company that sent Weaver and her crew into outer space in the first place, so she’ll be adding a very different piece to the puzzle.”

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