Prometheus Footage Screening + Q&A in London

In Central London on April 10th 2012, a selected few from the UK film press were treated to a Prometheus 13-minute footage screening and Q&A session with Ridley Scott, Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, and Michael Fassbender. The venue was filled with approximately 400 journalists who apparently left even more excited than how they first came in.

Some of the things we’ve learned from the plethora of reports popping up online regarding both the footage and the Q&A are the following:

  • The footage begins with Shaw and Holloway in the Isle of Skye in 2079
  • After the Isle of Skye, footage shows the Prometheus ship journeying in space in 2083
  • There is a title card saying that the ship’s mission is classified
  • An elder Peter Weyland appears in a video recording for the Prometheus crew
  • Weyland describes David the android as “a son”
  • The Prometheus arrives at a planet called LV-223
  • The giant head statue moves
  • When quizzed about whether or not there will be a “chestburster” scene, Ridley Scott mentions there is a scene with similar shock value that was filmed with only Noomi Rapace on a closed set.

There is indeed a heap of reaction articles by journalists who were among the lucky 400. If you want to read far more detailed accounts of what happened, here are the ones we think covered this event best so far:

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Thanks to everyone who participated in this Prometheus Forum thread (too many names to mention now)!