Prometheus Promotion Around The World

In the last 6 months or so, Prometheus promotion on the internet has been a well oiled machine with the ability to reach global audiences instantly through its numerous trailers, TV spots, viral ARGs, and Twitter campaigns. There are articles that detail the impact of the online promotion aspect like this one regarding Zeebox’s Prometheus Twitter advert. And here’s another one concerning the viral aspect of the movie.

As the movie approaches release, fans from around the world have recently been able to see tangibles from the promotion in their daily lives. The creative efforts behind these promotions are just as laudable as the ones found exclusively on the internet. Here, we will focus on some of these tangibles which display a craftier side of Prometheus promotion.

30th International Comic Fair, Barcelona Spain!/mlopca/status/198046806230319105/photo/1

Bogota, Columbia

Billboard in Southern California, USA

Poster campaign in France

Banner in Croatia!/TObadic/status/200543242561929218/photo/1

Paris Metro Train Route, France

Paris Metro Station, France

Billboard in the UK!/robinturner/status/201948380543467520/photo/1/large

Old Street, London UK

Promotion in Hong Kong

Poster in Cubao, Philippines

Promotion in Russia

More promotion in Russia

Unfinished promotion in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Promotion in Korea

Thanks to “Jung Woon-Seok” from comments section below

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Many thanks to seeasea, aperezNWOKol, and Darkoo for the heads up on these links!