Possible Prometheus 2 casting: Rik Barnett

Ridley Scott isn’t slowing down with age, after having directed eight films over the past decade (including this year’s Cormac McCarthy thriller The Counselor). He is pressing ahead with a retelling of the Moses story, titled Exodus, and the Biblical project will be finished in time for awards consideration next year. The question is, will Scott then turn to making a Prometheus sequel or the quasi-followup to his landmark Philip K. Dick adaptation, Blade Runner?

Scott seemed prepared to continue exploring the Alien universe next, but that was before we learned about slow progress in the story department. Prometheus co-screenwriter Damon Lindelof – who is not involved with the sequel – has offered his assurance that the situation is not as dire as initial reports suggested, but Scott pressing ahead with Exodus is proof enough that a Prometheus sequel won’t be arriving until 2015 (at the earliest).

Prometheus 2 Movie News has gotten wind that Scott has met several times in person with British actor Rik Barnett, about having him play a key supporting role in the second Prometheus installment. The site received additional confirmation for this rumor from a “very reliable source,” who (like the first anonymous informant) cautioned that the project – and potential casting – will remain in flux until a story has been settled upon.

24-year old Barnett is on the cusp of up-and-comer status, having won an award at the 2010 Ibiza International Film Festival for his performance in Rebels Without a Clue. He is said to be in consideration to portray someone connected to Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) in the Prometheus sequel. Obvious possibilities – based on the ending to the first movie – range from a person who Shaw remembers on her trip to the Engineers’ home planet (her brother, friend, etc.), to a member of a space mission that’s meant to learn what happened on the expedition to LV-223.

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