Sample Images from the Prometheus “Bonus” Blu-ray Disc

The “Bonus” disc, as part of the 4-disc Prometheus Blu-ray set, contains a whole lotta material that will take up a good part of your day trying to go through all of them. A detailed list of what’s on this specific disc can be found here. But in this post, I’ve put up a few sample images from the disc to try to entice Prometheus fans and haters alike to check out the bonus features because watching them will give you a better perspective of what went on in the production side of the movie and, possibly as a result, give you a better appreciation for the movie itself. Now onto the images:

Enhancement Pods


Screen Tests

The Furious Gods – Making of Prometheus (this documentary is nearly 4 hours long — a very interesting and highly informative feature that no fan should miss)

The rest of the segments on the disc such as “Vision of Prometheus” are the same as the ones previously covered on this site so I didn’t include sample images from them. Nevertheless, the sheer amount of new material on this disc alone makes it well worth the price of the 4-disc Blu-ray set, which is going for around $30 USD now. Get your Prometheus 4-disc Blu-ray set today here(Note: if you just have a standard Blu-ray player and not the 3D one, this set is still the better value as only 1 disc out of the 4 requires a 3D player)