Ridley Scott says “No” to Prometheus Director’s Cut

In speaking with JimmyO of Joblo last weekend in London, Ridley Scott shares his view on whether or not there will be a Prometheus Director’s Cut by saying “No, I think (Prometheus) is a good length.” Mr. Scott then gives details on what to expect from future disc releases in which he says “now the fashion of actually putting out a couple of discs is here to stay, which will comfort you on all other kinds of conversation about how the movie was made. All you’ll really do is see extended scenes in the menu.

Well there it is from the maestro himself– a hard “no” to a Director’s Cut. But expect some extended scenes in the menu at the very least.

Of course all of this could be smoke and mirrors to get people in theater seats. If he or any of the higher-ups would give the idea of a better version of Prometheus available, it would probably cause some people to defer from going to the cinema. And we can’t have that.

Source: www.joblo.com/movie-news/jimmyo-asks-sir-ridley-scott-if-prometheus-will-have-a-directors-cut

Thanks to seeasea for the link!