Fassbender Up for a BAFTA and talks Prometheus

Late last year I incorrectly reported that Michael Had won a Bafta, rather than a British Independent Film Award, Well I may well be correct, as Michael has been Nominated for Bafta for his role in Shame, ok now for that Oscar nomination :)

In other Michael Fassbender News, in an interview with Instyle magazine UK he had this to say about Prometheus

What can you tell us about your newest movie Prometheus?

“It’s the must-see film of 2012! I play the humanoid android. The first thing that struck me was a good script. Really intelligent script. A real thriller. Real anticipation. The first alien had that. The atmosphere was thick. You knew that something was going to happen. Which is very rare that you can read that in a script. And also, Ridley Scott is the master. He’s amazing. Really something else to watch him work. His attention to detail. And also his mischievousness, his playfulness. And again, no idea is stupid for him. He’ll let you bring it to the floor and have a go at it. I really, really enjoyed working with him. And of course the cast.”

Thanks to our friends at MFO and Fassinting Fassbender for the heads up on the Bafta nomination.


And lastly, this is what he has to say in an interview with Frosty of Collider.com regarding Prometheus:

Fassbender: People have started to sort of die off with the Prometheus questions more because I think they have realized that they are not going to get anything out of me. Everything is sort of shrouded in secrecy there.

Fassbender: Uh-oh. Well, I will just make references to the trailer. It’s perfect.