Ian Whyte talks about his role in Prometheus

Ian Whyte, the 7′ 1″ actor previously known for his work in Predators and Alien vs Predator, gives a little personal account of his time working in the production of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus to Newcastle UK based newspaper Sunday Sun.

Whyte describes how surreal it was to be part of the production from experiencing the grandiose sets built in Pinewood Studios to the people he worked with who were all equally pleased to be a part of Ridley Scott’s big return to sci-fi.

Regarding the elaborateness of the costume for Whyte’s character in the movie, the Last Engineer, the actor explains that “it took five and a half hours to put on, every single day, from beginning to being camera ready”. Sounds about right judging from a behind the scenes photo below of Whyte right after completing his make-up work:

Lastly, fans who seek more Last Engineer goodies can be a little more reassured as Whyte says “There is much more footage of the Last Engineer to be seen in the DVD” concerning next month’s Prometheus releases on disc. “Could I turn up in a sequel? I hope so”, says Whyte whose experience in the first movie was very good indeed.

The Prometheus Blu-ray and DVD will be out on October 1st in the UK, and October 11th in the US.

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Hits shelves on October 11th in the US.