Ridley Scott Confirms Prometheus’ First Cut is 2 hours and 27 mins

Ridley Scott talks more Prometheus, run times, deleted scenes, and the new BLADE RUNNER in an exclusive interview with Collider’s Steven Weintraub.

In the chat, the director states the first cut of his new sci-fi film is “2… 27“. The theatrical cut ended up being 1 hour and 59 minutes long excluding credits. Also Scott mentions, for better or worse, that the theatrical cut of Prometheus is “fundamentally a director’s cut.”

In addition to the talk regarding the run times, Ridley Scott provides more details about the fight scene between Shaw and The Engineer that didn’t make it to the theatrical cut (the first time we heard of this unused footage was in an interview with Rapace and Fassbender here http://youtu.be/h-UR9_gh7a4?t=3m18s).

What she gives is as good as it gets, with an ax… she’s really, very physical. He’s so big. For him to be clouted by a conventional weapon somehow dimished him,” the director says. “It’s drama. I didn’t want to diminish him by having this person who’s got this weapon to be able to kind of back him off. It minimized him.

Check out the video interview yourself where the Prometheus talk starts at 2:07. The director also reveals some very interesting details about the new BLADE RUNNER movie towards the end of the video.

Thanks to seeasea for the Collider link!

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