Prometheus Exclusive in New Empire Magazine

The new issue of EMPIRE Magazine hit newstands in the UK today and what a breathtaking piece it is for Prometheus fans and potential fans alike! The issue contains an 18-page feature on Prometheus with exclusive photos as well as an exclusive in-depth interview with director Ridley Scott. The article in the feature reveals many story and character elements that have long been speculated among fans but now have been pretty much confirmed. We’ll highlight a few things learned from this article and the said interview with Ridley Scott (potential spoilers ahead):

1 – Old man Peter Weyland will very likely be a part of the Prometheus crew, and he sees himself as the Greek titan.
2 – Next Prometheus viral will take the form of another advertisement but this time of David, the android.
3 – Milburn, played by Rafe Spall, is a botanist.
4 – Fifield, played by Sean Harris, is a geologist.
5 – The Engineer, or the Space Jockey to most, is a 9-feet tall gray/blue skinned humanoid creature.
6 – The “xenomorph” will likely make an appearance in the final minutes of the movie.
7 – Ridley Scott is doing whatever it takes to release the most “aggressive” film he can.
8 – Ridley doesn’t like us fans over-analyzing the film.

Buy the new EMPIRE issue today at your local newsstands in the UK. Or for both UK and non-UK residents, pick it up for your iPad here.

(Scans were taken down at the request of Chris Hewitt, writer of the Prometheus EMPIRE article)