The Engineer Reads a Book – New Prometheus Deleted Scene Still

The official Prometheus Facebook page has recently posted a still from a deleted scene. However, this specific still is not to be seen in any of the deleted scenes on the Prometheus Blu-ray or DVD, begging the question: “how much is Fox really holding back regarding removed footage”?

Some of you will watch the nearly 4-hour long documentary called “The Furious Gods – Making of Prometheus” found on the Bonus disc that’s a part of the 4-disc Prometheus Blu-ray set. And in doing so you’ll notice in the video that they were shooting some scenes (example: the Engineer walking outside to the life boat after the crash) that didn’t make it as a deleted scene extra or in the theatrical version of the movie. Check out our Prometheus Alternate Ending discussion!

And in further support of more extra footage to be found, someone in the 4-hour documentary (editor Pietro Scalia, I believe) mentioned that the first cut of the movie was 2 hours and 30 minutes long. A fan edit was recently made where all of the deleted scenes from the Blu-ray were integrated back in. The run-time of the whole fan edit came out to be 2 hours and 14 minutes long. So who knows, maybe there will be a new set of disc releases down the line showing more deleted scenes through an official extended (or director’s) cut of the movie.

Thanks to PrometheusForum user DonBarracuda for the news of this still.

And yes, the Engineer looks like he’s taking a dump.