A collection of deleted and alternate scenes from Prometheus

Anyone who has watched Prometheus and kept up with the trailers, TV spots, and featurettes would have probably noticed extra footage that didn’t make it to the theatrical cut. Yet, there is more evidence from other sources of scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor. If anything, it all bodes well for the release of that director’s cut we’ve all been demanding.

Below you’ll find a collection of most, if not all, of the known deleted and alternate shots/scenes from Prometheus. This is a work in progress, so bear with…

Deleted shots/scenes

Alternate shots/scenes

If I had missed a deleted/alternate shot or scene from the movie, feel free to leave a reply below with the scene in question and its source.

Thanks to cfu, and PF members TankJr, alm_bd, redbeard, and Cosmik for their contributions!