David 8 will answer questions on official Prometheus UK Facebook page

There will be a little Prometheus role playing this September 28th on the official Prometheus UK Facebook page as “David 8″ will be making a guest appearance and answering questions that fans can submit by Thursday September 27th. As of now, I’m not sure if Michael Fassbender will reprise his role for a few hours to entertain fans, or that another actor will be used or none at all. Nevertheless, this little promotional event comes a few days before October 1st when the Prometheus Blu-ray and DVD is released in the UK. The Prometheus Bluray and DVD release is scheduled for October 11th in the US. Pre-order the US one here!

David 8, the next generation Weyland Synthetic, is going to answer your questions on September 28th.

Post your questions for David on the wall by midday on Thursday 6th September, and if your question is answered you will win an exclusive Weyland-Yutani goodie bag.

Watch out for the answers over on the official Prometheus Twitter profile @UK_Prometheus


Thanks to PrometheusForum user Antovolk for the news. You can check out his new Prometheus site here http://www.weylandinvestors.com !