Damon Lindelof speaks candidly with the WSJ about Prometheus

In his usual brutally honest self, Prometheus co-scribe Damon Lindelof speaks with film reporter Rachel Dodes of the Wall Street Journal about the Prometheus viral campaign, mistakes in the film that were intentional, and dealing with some of the backlash particularly on Twitter. Here’s an excerpt from their lengthy and candid discussion:

WSJ: A lot of fans scrutinize every line in this film like it’s the Bible. And you tend to respond to their very detailed questions.  

Lindelof: My feeling is: this is what I signed up for. I am driven and captivated and interested in these open-ended stories that have a high level of interpretation to them. There’s a certain level of frustration that comes with that package. So, when I was involved in the movie just looking at tiny little effects, naming planets and star systems, you have to be responsible. Charlize [Theron] has a line in the movie where she says, “I wouldn’t be half a billion miles away from every man on earth if I wanted to get laid.” And Neil deGrasse Tyson [the well-known astrophysicist] came out said “This would put her somewhere in the neighborhood of Jupiter, when they are much, much further out.” I chose not to say anything because the line was intentional. It had been dinged before we even shot it. But we stuck by it for reasons I don’t feel like discussing.

Reading the entire interview (link below), he seems to have some animosity regarding his involvement in Prometheus. So it’s no surprise that he won’t be a part of Prometheus 2. Anyhow, check out the entire interview at the source http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2012/08/03/prometheus-screenwriter-damon-lindelof-tweets-all.