Ivan Manzella’s Creature Concept Art for Prometheus

Ivan Manzella is a creature designer & sculptor who has worked for a variety of film and TV related projects (IMDb) in which one of his latest being the ever popular television show Game of Thrones. He is also the key creature designer for Prometheus and you’ll find some of his work below starting with his Deacon designs. For a more extensive look at his art work for Prometheus, visit the artist’s homepage here http://www.krop.com/ivanmanzella

Now here’s The Trilobite or more commonly known as “cuddles” on fan sites

And finally here’s Frankenfield (mutated Fifield) which shares more characteristics with the original Giger design than how we see this creature below in the actual film.

Again, you can find more work on Ivan Manzella’s homepage here http://www.krop.com/ivanmanzella