Prometheus Breaks Blu-ray Revenue Share Record

Last week when Prometheus on Blu-ray debuted on shelves in the US and the UK, the Ridley Scott directed movie dominated the overall package media and Blu-ray only sales chart. An awesome feat on its own, but here’s another thing: “not only did Prometheus’ sales totals top other home media competitors, but it garnered an HD market share of 76%, which bested the record Blu-ray market share of 72% that The Avengers enjoyed during its first week on the small screen“, according to

All of this is great news for Prometheus fans, 20th Century Fox, and for the progress of the Blu-ray medium as a whole. But to those who have or know about the Prometheus collector’s edition (3D) Blu-ray set with its enormous amount of deleted scenes and other bonus features for a price no different than many standard edition Blu-ray movies, this sales achievement shouldn’t be a surprise.

Thanks to PrometheusForum user Carrot for the news.