Benedict Wong Talks Prometheus

Benedict Wong was a guest on the Peter Serafionwicz Show on the BBC earlier today and we have a rough transcript of the Prometheus relevant elements. It’s quite light in tone and is an interesting read.

But before we get into the heart of this article, we’d like to share that Wong recently confirmed through his Twitter account that his character is indeed named Ravel (and thus the IMDb entry not being a false one). Tweet source.

All right, let’s begin the transcript:

PS – …And Benny you’re going to be in the new Ridley Scott film Prometheus.
BW – I don’t know if I can confirm that.
PS – You can don’t be silly.
BW – I just got confirmation I can confirm that.
PS – So go on tell us about it, it”s the prequel to alien.
BW – Yeah its before, so its in old space, obviously set in the future and before the time of alien, I can”t really tell you much.
BW – I’ll tell you what why dont we do some spoilers.
PS – 10 seconds of spoilers.
BW – 10 seconds of spoilers.
PS – Is there a space ship in it?
BW – Yeah
PS – Is there an alien in it?
BW – It’s a bit…y’know how you’ve well its like an alien rom com of how the mum and dad met, and he’s got a limp, and hes a ghost.
PS – Well that sounds great.
BW – Exclusive.
– ——————————————–
PS – So, Ben…Prometheus, lets talk properly about this, cause I’m real super excited about it, Alien the film Alien is in my top 10, I wasn’t really mad on any of the other alien films.
BW – No nor me.
PS – Umm i think that one is just a pure classic and it seems like that’s a true prequel to that one.
BW – Yeah and I think that’s what Ridley wants.
BW – But its gonna be and I think people got very excited its gonna be in 3d so get to the Imax.
BW – Well if you got very excited about the 3D usage in Avatar, it”s gonna be like the next level now, the type of cameras they’re using, I dunno what cameras they are but the technicians that use them cameras are really excited about them.
PS – But didn’t you say that Ridley was watching the takes back in 3D, with glasses on, on a special monitor.
BW – Occasionally when you do you a take, and what I sort of like is to ask for PPB a personal play back, so I sat down I put the glasses on and Ridley caught me, but it was fine, he just cranked it up and it looks fantastic.
PS – Who else is in it B?
BW – Uh Michael Fassbender is in it, Noomi Rapace, Kate Dickie, Emun Elliot – we both fly the ship- there’s a little bit of insight.
PS – Is the design of the ship is it like pre-Alien with big clackety clack keyboards and computers and stuff?
BW – The first day we started we were a bit new, y’know first day at school but when we first walked up the spaceship I just remembered the first steps that I took and you could hear the metal grill.
PS – Wow.
PS – Anyway I cant wait for this film.
BW – June time.

Thanks to bruceriach for the lead and Aeus for the transcript!