“Arrival of the Engineers” Deleted Scene Stills

The official Prometheus Facebook pagereleased stills from the “Arrival of the Engineers” deleted scene that will be included as an extra in the upcoming Blu-ray of Prometheus.

In related news, the release of both the Blu-ray and DVD of Prometheus has been moved up from Thursday October 11th to Tuesday, October 9th. So naturally there has been some talk about the 10.11.12 viral possibly being another thing entirely than merely the disc releases. Anyhow, check out the deleted scene stills below. Thanks to PrometheusForum user Carrot for the news.

Feel free to comment below or talk about these new deleted scene stills at PF http://www.prometheusforum.net/discussion/3422/more-of-the-elder-engineer-extended-opening-released-by-fox