(Update: it’s REAL) Jon Spaihts Script Surfaces Online

Take this for what you will but a PDF file has been circulating around online recently that is allegedly a version of Jon Spaihts’ “Untitled Alien Prequel” script. You’ll read that a lot from the following script rings true of what Spaights talked about in his audio commentary on the Blu-ray. And so either the faker of this document did their due diligence really well, or this is truly one of Spaihts’ drafts.

In any event, read it for yourself (PDF download link below) and let us know what you think in the comments section here or at our new look PrometheusForum.net !

DOWNLOAD: http://www.PrometheusForum.net/Alien-Engineers.pdf

(*** UPDATE: It’s REAL https://twitter.com/jonspaihts ***)

Thanks to Cosmik and Sticky_Fingaz for the heads up on this PDF file.

In other news, here are new Prometheus artwork from the same guys who designed that ever so exquisite Blu-ray cover (source http://neuronsyndicate.com/portfolio/prometheus) Thanks to PF user Antovolk for the link.